Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dhammapada, The Sayings of the Buddha

No, I'm not Buddhist, but try and live by the words of the Buddha anyways.

One of the few scriptures studied by students of all sects of Buddhism, the Dhammapada is treasured as a universally accessible summary of the teachings of the Buddha. It presents the Buddhist path of liberation and the lyricism of the Buddha's teachings in an unabridged, miniature edition. Two-color interior. This is the version of the Dhammapada that I read and own, it is small enough to slip into your pocket or your purse! One of the most natural ways to make yourself more beautiful is to perfect your mind, this book is short and quite cheap and is full of ancient wisdom for your healthy soul.

On reading the translated words of the Buddha I could see a clear goal come into my mind, which helped me feel secure in my path in this life. The Buddha's teachings are simple: basically, follow the law, do not harm anyone, do not cling to worldly possessions, let go of anger and sorrow and be happy, and in doing this you will follow The Way or the Dhammapada.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bohemian Female

I myself am a bohemian female, trying to live life as best as I can. While I play Aion Online, study Art History, love my family and pets, explore, and enjoy shopping and great food I'm doing my best to live virtuously and love life. Here's a
blog for the fun parts of living a stylish, eco-friendly bohemian life.

One valuable virtue to live by is respect. Let's respect the beautiful and rich culture of Mexico with Aida Coronado's unique, chic fashion pieces that draw on traditional Mexican clothing and are crafted with love. I don't remember how I got lucky enough to find here but her site made my jaw drop. Unique designs you'd never find in a mall and a healthy dose of Mexican culture are two ways to describe the website. You'll just have to check it out for yourself.